Running is boring. At least it is for me, unless I’m running while listening to motivational power music that keeps me going and helps numb the pain. There are few things more monotonous and mind-numbing than running without music. The boring-factor only increases if you have to do it on a treadmill. If I’m going to spend 30 minutes running multiple miles, it better be a dang. good. time!

When most folks decide to add music to their exercise routine, they immediately jump to creating the perfect playlist. While this is important, it is also important to get the right cell phone carrier to hold your phone while exercising.  Failure to get the right cell phone carrying solution can cause unnatural bodily movement, resulting in sports injury! For example, let’s say you decided to use a cheap armband to hold your cell phone while running. Because you bought the cheap Scrap-Mart version, it begins to slip down your arm, which causes you to continually interrupt your momentum to readjust the armband.  Not only that, but the armband presents an uneven weight distribution between both arms, which, isn’t that much, can affect the cadence of your run over the long-term.

Therefore, to help your musical running journey be less accident-prone, here are three of the best safe phone carriers to consider:

(1) The FlipBelt

If you’re going to have an elastic band, you might as well go all the way and get this handy-dandy band which goes around your waist.  Because it goes around the waist, you solve the imbalance problem of having a phone band on one of your arms.

(2) EpicGadget Running Waist Pack

This is essentially the same concept as the FlipBelt, except instead of being completely elastic it has an adjustable belt.  Think “Fanny Pack meets marathon” and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this item is.

(3) The FreeTrain V1 Vest

of the three options, this one is an outlier in that it is not a belt. It is a vest. Many people dismiss the idea of using a vest to carry something as simple and small as a cell phone.  However, when you pause to consider that this vest is designed with the runner in mind, you’ll reconsider that judgment.  I’m a fan of the FreeTrain V1 Vest because the phone sits at the chest-level instead of the waist-level.  This is important to me, because I don’t have blue-tooth enabled earbuds, so I’m always tethered to the phone with a headphone cable.  Having the phone at chest level is much better for the limited-length of my headphone cable.

Hopefully, these three suggestions will help as you shop around for the right cell phone carrier to use when exercising.  Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but at least it’s a start. Like I said earlier, running can be incredibly boring and monotonous.  However, with the right playlist AND the right cell phone carrier, you’ll find that an otherwise boring and monotonous activity can be very enjoyable.

Run on.






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