Recently, I came across a stunning article in the news about a woman whose lost cell phone had been retrieved from the bottom of a portapotty, months after she accidentally dropped it inside. Finding a cell phone in a porta potty isn’t stunning to me. The thing that was stunning to me was that the folks who retrieved it were willing to CLEAN it and RETURN it. I suppose the owner would have been pleased to receive her phone back if it held valuable memories, such as photos and videos.  However, with more and more people automatically saving files to the cloud, the possibility exists that she didn’t lose anything valuable when she dropped her phone into the crapper.

When I read this news story, it reminded me of the importance of cleaning my mobile phone. I mean, really, how clean are mobile phones?

A good place to start is a TIME Magazine article from 2017, which stated that a typical cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.  That fact alone should be enough to shock humanity into being more diligent in cleaning their phones. Surprisingly, though, there is willful ignorance in society, generally, to the sanitation requirements of a mobile phone.

At least wash your hands

As scientists have studied the phenomenon of gross cell phones, a common recommendation seems to rise to the top, and that is the recommendation to wash your hands, not your phone. As long you’re washing your hands frequently, then much of the grossness that exists on your phone will be mitigated prior to it affecting your health.

Don’t take your phone into the bathroom

Another bit of advice is to refrain from bringing your cell phone into the bathroom. Frankly, this is pretty absurd advice, considering people aren’t going to just leave their cell phone on a desk or in the car or by the bed while visiting the WC.  Our phones have become a part of our bodies! Therefore, better advice would be to keep your phone in your pocket while visiting the loo.



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