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Grey's Anatomy Post-Crash

Episode 2 of Season 9 recap

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 17:10




     Last week, we were all caught up with the Seattle Grace doctors in the present. However, we still don't know what happened to them from the plane crash. Until now.

      The episode starts off with the post-crash scene. Cristina Yang is in shock. She will not communicate with any of the doctors, even Meredith Grey. Physically, she is there, but that is all that can be said about her. Her unresponsiveness only continues until someone approaches her or tries to examine her, then she becomes violent: injuring doctors, breaking windows, etc.

      Finally, she opens up to Owen Hunt about her traumatic experience. During this, she reveals that there were animals fighting and growling over Lexy Grey’s body. So much happened out there that has left her a changed person. Fast-forward to the day Yang leaves, and pretty much breaks up with her person, Meredith. They argue about Yang leaving Meredith alone, but this doesn’t stop Yang.

      Right after the crash, Mark Sloan is awake and recovering. During this time, he confesses to his girlfriend that he was in love with Lexy. He begins getting better – drastically better – and this worries the doctors. They think that it is a surge- when patients get a lot better before they get worse. Of course, as well know, this turns out to be true.

      Meanwhile, Arizona is doing everything she can to keep her leg. Right after the crash she makes sure people know that she does not give consent for them to cut off her leg. Although her leg is infected and the infection is spreading, she wants to wait until she is at Seattle Grace so Callie Torres can be the one to make the decision. Once there, she realizes the reality and severity of her situation, and makes Torres promise her that she will not cut off her leg.

      Torres struggles to find different ways to let Arizona keep her leg. Unfortunately, she crashes, and the doctors have no other choice but to cut off her leg. Mark ends up crashing and, as shown in the premiere, he doesn’t make it. Finally, we understand why Cristina left. The episode approaches its end with Meredith talking to her and concluding that, although so many bad things have happened, Meredith will stay there, because good things have happened too. It ends with Cristina returning the call, saying: “you were my person; you will always be my person.”

      So all the old questions we had have been answered.  We know all that happened after the crash, and where they are now. One question remains: what happens next?

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