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Helter Skelter

Dexter Episode 9 of Season 7 recap

Published: Friday, November 30, 2012

Updated: Saturday, December 1, 2012 14:12






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Dexter quickly whips his boat through the ocean waters. Hannah grips the back seat terrified. She tells Dexter to stop the boat. Hannah reveals that she has always been terrified of the water. When she was six, her father threw her in the water to teach her how to swim. Instead of swimming, she began to drown, and a complete stranger saved her life while her parents looked on. She admits at that moment she has never been more afraid because she felt death taking over.

When Dexter goes to leave his apartment for work, Isaak is standing there. He tells Dexter that there are two dangerous men who are trying to kill him. Isaak wants Dexter’s help. If Dexter helps Isaak murder the two hit men, then Isaak promises Dexter his life. Dexter slams the door in Isaak’s face.

When Dexter arrives at the crime scene, a burnt car is seen with a body inside. The inspector tells investigators that he believes the fire was a suicide. Dexter catches up with Deb and tells her that he understands why she is in love with him; they have been the one constant in each other’s lives. Deb admits she feels better.

Dexter receives a text from Hannah telling him to meet her at his apartment. When Dexter arrives, he finds Isaak. Isaak reveals that he is holding Hannah hostage somewhere. He will only let her go if Dexter helps him. Dexter threatens Isaak with a knife, but then agrees to help.

Dexter explains the situation to Deb and tells her that she needs to remove the surveillance from Isaak. Deb gives in, but makes it clear that she still does not approve of Hannah.

LaGuerta pays a visit to Tom Matthews (the police chief she set up to get his job). She tells him that she needs his help, explaining that she believes the Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive. Matthews sends her away. Later in the episode, Matthews comes to LaGuerta and agrees to help under one condition: he wants to be reinstated so he can collect a higher pension. She agrees.

Dexter is at a shooting range to find one of Isaak’s hit men here. Dexter finds the man on the ground looking through the scope of his gun. Dexter stealthily slips behind the man and stabs him in the back, then quickly leaves the scene.

At Dexter’s apartment, Isaak allows him to talk to Hannah. He takes a quick picture of Hannah’s location and sends it to his phone. When he hangs up, Isaak points a gun at Dexter’s head and admits he still wants to kill Dexter for killing Viktor. Dexter tells Isaak that if he truly believed Dexter killed Viktor, he would have killed him by now and that Isaak is feeling guilty and blames himself. Isaak lowers the guns and grieves.

Previously, George tells the second hit man about Dexter. Therefore, Dexter becomes this man’s new target. George later tells Nadia to come with him. Quinn finds out that George forced Nadia to have sex with him. Quinn tackles George through the window and throws continuous punches at him. Quinn gets up, grabs Nadia, and leaves.

Dexter looks at the picture he took of Hannah once in his office. He sees a soccer ball signed by a Colombian player. He figures out that Hannah must be in one of the vacant houses of a Colombian that Isaak killed. But which one? Dexter is interrupted when he is told another burn victim has been found.

Dexter believes this victim was murdered and relates to the believed suicide. After Dexter finishes, he notices the second hit man is standing in the crowd. Before he leaves, Deb tells him that she will look into the clue he found earlier. Dexter gets in his car and begins to drive, knowing the hit man will follow him. Dexter calls Isaak, who tells him to lure the hit man to a boat.

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