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The Dark... Whatever

Dexter Episode 10 of Season 7 recap

Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 21:12






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Two more burn victims have been found; there are no prints on anything for Miami Metro to get any sort of lead. Dexter notices that the arson investigator does not seem to be disturbed by any of this. He believes that the shady investigator could be the serial killer.

Dexter arrives at Hannah’s house, where they begin talking about Dexter’s ‘dark passenger.' While Hannah tells Dexter that his dark passenger basically does not exist, Dexter spots a man looking through Hannah’s window. It turns out to be her father Clint. Her father apologizes for his past actions and asks for forgiveness; Hannah is reluctant.

In a meeting, the arson investigator, Bosso, gives the team a profile of the arsonist. The description Bosso gives makes Dexter feel that he is describing himself. After the meeting, Dexter goes to search for any information on Bosso. He follows him to a park, where Bosso is simply there to play a part in a Civil War reenactment. Dexter realizes that he is not the arsonist.

The next morning, the arsonists strikes again on a bus. He slips into his fire protecting suit, throws gasoline on the civilians, then sets the bus on fire.

That same morning, Dexter is seen with Hannah and her father. Clint asks Hannah for 20,000 dollars to help start his crawfish farm. When she turns him down, he gets angry and leaves. Later, at the bus scene, Dexter receives a call from Hannah and goes to help her. When he arrives, Hannah’s father's truck is crashed through Hannah’s greenhouse. Clint arrives drunk. He begins yelling at Hannah and blames her for her mother’s death. Dexter threatens him; he leaves.

While Miami Metro is watching the video of ‘The Phantom,' they notice a place where he could have left a print and go to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Quinn and Bautista go to the club where Nadia works. Quinn received a phone call saying that Nadia was being sent to Dubai to work. Bautista waits for Quinn at the front of the club. Quinn enters George’s office and confronts him. When Nadia enters, George slaps her. This causes Quinn to shoot George.

In order to look like shooting George was self defense, Quinn hands Nadia a gun, which he then places in George’s hand. She then shoots Quinn in the arm. Bautista rushes in, telling Quinn they need to call the cops. Quinn persuades him not to. He gives Nadia money and a passport, then tells her to run.

At Miami Metro, Dexter runs the print on The Phantom, but finds nothing. Deb mentions that he might have a juvenile record, but they cannot access them. Dexter sneaks into City Hall, running the print through the juvenile records. He finds a match. Joe Jansen is the man’s name, and he lost his best friend to a fire when they were younger. Until recently, he has been in a psychiatric ward.

LaGuerta and Matthews are hot on Dexter’s trail. They visit a cabin, which Dokes rented. The owner mentions that he accidentally rented the cabin to a drug dealer. The dealer turns out to be one of the men who killed Dexter’s mom. LaGuerta begins putting things together. The drug dealer is long gone (she thinks Dexter killed him), she knows that the Ice Truck killer was his brother, and she thinks that Dokes could have been onto Dexter, therefore Dexter framed and killed him.

Clint arrives at Dexter’s place. He reveals that he has information that Hannah poisoned a counselor at her juvenile facility, and that her roommate, Arlene, saw it. He threatens to turn Hannah in if he does not receive the 20,000 dollars.

In order to clear his mind, Dexter hunts The Phantom down. While on his table, he asks The Phantom why he kills all these people. Jansen admits he kills people because of his former friend. Dexter tells him that he cannot blame his childhood for his actions. He is an adult now and needs to take responsibility. Dexter realizes that that is exactly what he has been doing for years. He is about to stab The Phantom.

Miami Metro receives an anonymous tip saying that there is a smell of kerosene coming from a house. When they arrive they find Jansen unconscious. Dexter was the anonymous caller, and Deb thanks him for turning Jansen into the police.

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