The First Nokia Android SmartPhone May Release This Year


Nokia used to be the biggest player in cellphone industry, we all still remember & love the design and build quality what we have seen in Nokia devices from featured phone to premium phone, like devices of Nokia N Series, Nokia E-Series and later the Lumia devices. When Microsoft acquired Nokia, they had non-compete clause that prevented Nokia from releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. The contract is already expired on December 31, 2015 and now Nokia can launch device with brand name Nokia.
There is no any official announcement or any official confirmation about Nokis’s upcoming devices but news is, this year Nokia will release three Nokia Android SmartPhone. Nokia is not going to make the same mistake again by ignoring Android operating system, so all three devices will be based on latest Android M and these three SmartPhones will be launched in different price range which are budget, mid range and high range. We have already seen few leaked images & information about upcoming Nokia Android SmartPhone, rumour has also tossed a name Nokia C1. Indeed there are still too many fans who are excited to hear about Nokia’s progress towards new Nokia Android SmartPhone but we better wait for official announcement.
Rajeev Suri the CEO of Nokia hinted last year that Nokia will not be producing the handset, the production part will be taken care by partners, Foxconn is top in possible list of manufacturer. Foxconn already manufactured Nokia N1 the very first Android device from Nokia. The devices will be designed by Nokia with their brand name “Nokia” but the devices will be manufactured by other third party manufacturer like Foxconn.

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