UFO disclosure in Great Britain


Great Britain is on the verge of something huge. It is on the verge of leading the world as the first powerful nation to officially disclose the reality of the UFO (or UAP) phenomenon. Although in 2020, a former Israeli top-defense official made a personal disclosure asserting the reality of UFOs, he technically wasn’t making the statement as an official state revelation. It was a personal revelation.

For half-a-century, UFO enthusiasts have longed for the day when world governments will officially disclose that ETs are among us and the UFOs are non-earthly crafts. Instead, requests for government information about UFOs have been met with silence or “nothing to see here” statements.  And instead of being silenced into obedience by government officials, UFO enthusiasts have only become more emboldened. With American-based nonprofits like MUFON and American-based secret facilities like Area 51, many would assume that the UFO phenomenon is an American-centric topic. However, these folks may be surprised that ETs aren’t just interested in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It only seems that way because America has a better citizen-based reporting system than the vast majority of other nations. And with everyone equipped with a camera on a smartphone, the reports are coming in faster than ever!

Because the world thinks that UFOs are an American-centric phenomenon, the world seems to expect America to lead the way with public disclosure on the topic. However, Great Britain has just as much secret documentation through its own intelligence services that could put the topic to rest once-and-for-all through an official public disclosure. And if the disclosure doesn’t put it to rest, at least it will answer some very important questions; questions that are not going away. And as long as ufologists like Dr. Greer and others continue to make documentaries about UFOs and UAPs and governments continue to allow a “trickle” of disclosure, questions will be ever-present.

So, what are we waiting for? Great Britain, let’s get to work and get the word out!


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