Woman attacked by dog in Suffolk


A woman was attacked by a dog after it jumped the fence near her Suffolk home yesterday. The shocking incident which left her “petrified and screaming” happened as Karen Harris and her husband Kevin were walking their own dog, a pug named Wilson. Harris, 59, then saw two dogs racing toward her and not slowing down.

“Two reasonably large dogs started running towards the fence as we were walking along the path,” she said in a news interview. “The slightly smaller one was barking, as it got to the fence, it immediately jumped over and started to attack me.”

As rare as a dog attack against a human is, this incident isn’t Harris’s first encounter with an attack dog. Several years ago she spent a week in the hospital after a dog attack.

Thankfully, Mrs. Harris had Mr. Harris by her side who was able to kick the vicious pooch away so Karen could run to safety.

Throughout the ordeal, Wilson, the pug, was never a target of the attack dog. For some reason, it didn’t have any interest in bother Wilson. The target was clearly Mrs. Harris.

Aside from being emotionally scarred, Harris seems to be doing okay. However, her coat was left with a tear in the fabric.

The Suffolk Constabularly responded to the incident and is investigating further. Below is the official statement from the Constabulary office.

“Police were called on November 6 at about 11:45 a.m. after male and female reported he and his wife were walking their dog on the footpath near to Main Road Kesgrave when a dog jumped the fence and bit a small hole in the woman’s jacket.”

This story is a healthy reminder that everyone needs to keep their dogs on a leash and, if not, must ensure that fences are at heights that are insurmountable by dogs. It is also a reminder for pedestrians to remain ever vigilant of their surroundings while walking. Resist the temptation to be distracted by your smartphone and always have situational awareness as a high priority to help ensure a safe walking experience.



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