Beginning of the Week Sees Southern California Grappling with Strong, Chilling Winds

Southern California is starting the week with persistent cold and forceful winds dominating the region.

A warning for high winds has been declared for specific areas, while certain desert and Inland Empire communities are under a frost advisory.

In Los Angeles and Orange counties, the day is expected to reach a high of 62 degrees, although accompanied by notably strong winds.

The valleys and the Inland Empire will likely experience morning frost, starting the day with temperatures around 58 degrees and dropping to 36 overnight.

Along the coast, beaches are expected to hit a high of 60 degrees, but they’ll also contend with intense winds and high surf levels between 4 to 9 feet.

Moving inland to the mountainous areas, temperatures will be notably cooler, with highs reaching around 36 degrees and plunging to a chilly 8 degrees overnight.

The desert regions will encounter temperatures around 50 degrees, coupled with robust winds, and temperatures will drastically fall to 21 degrees overnight.