Mixed Precipitation Outlook: Scattered Showers and Snowfall Above 1,500ft

Thursday is expected to be relatively calm before a shift in weather conditions unfolds on Friday, bringing a mix of precipitation to the region. Anticipate mostly cloudy skies and rain showers in the Willamette Valley, accompanied by afternoon temperatures reaching the 40s. The higher elevations, positioned above 1,500 feet, are forecasted to experience snowfall.

As we move into Friday, a significant weather change is on the horizon with the arrival of Arctic Air, leading to a sharp drop in temperatures. This shift will likely result in snowfall even in lower elevations due to the influence of a swiftly moving weather system. The weekend is expected to be characterized by low wind chill temperatures and blowing snow.

The night forecast for Thursday includes rain showers with the possibility of snow at elevations exceeding 1,500 feet, and temperatures dipping into the mid-30s. On Friday, mostly cloudy skies will persist, accompanied by a rapid decline in temperatures. Snow is expected by the afternoon, with highs reaching the upper 30s.

Friday night brings the likelihood of snow, along with areas of blowing snow. Gusty winds in the gorge and low wind chills are anticipated, with overnight lows in the upper teens.

In terms of recent precipitation, there has been 0.11 inches of rainfall in the last 24 hours. Looking at the monthly totals, 3.43 inches of rain have been recorded, indicating a departure from the normal by +1.70 inches. The water year has seen 19.92 inches of rainfall, surpassing the normal by +3.55 inches. For the calendar year, the recorded rainfall is 3.43 inches, with a departure from normal by +1.70 inches.